Stable is well... broken

(Richard - #1

Hey guys,

We were just deploying a few new servers and my conclusion is that the stable branch is lacking a few backports of crucial bug fixes. I don’t have a lot of experience with cherry picking but I can point out the issues in question.

It’s the orientation fix and the backup restore fix.

Any chance of getting those back into the stable branch soon? Anything we can do to help here?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Not sure maybe @tgxworld can see what he thinks.

(Alan Tan) #3

The fixes for restoring backups taken with the new pg_dump clients have been back-ported into stable.

(Alan Tan) #5

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(Richard - #6

Thanks for backporting these fixes!

However, it does not work. I have been testing this and restoring the backup is still failing.
I was able to nail it down to this migration that was not backported but which is crucial:

EDIT I have just double checked and when I add this migration, backup/restore is functioning correctly again.

(Alan Tan) #7

Backported as well, thanks for digging into this :+1:

(Richard - #8

And here is the final confirmation that backup/restores are working correctly on stable again!

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Thank you for helping us work through this :pray:

(Jeff Atwood) #10