Staff Color Removes Posts on Activity Feed


I’m not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but hoping for some clarification! On our forum we link to a group activity post feed from the Community Managers and Moderators so users can easily see all of our posts.

However, if I add a staff color to one of my posts (or if another CM or Moderator adds the staff color to a post), the post disappears from the group activity feed. This is a bit problematic for us as usually I highlight a post if it is super important, so when it disappears from the feed the community won’t see the most important posts.

Any guidance is welcome!


Can you include some screenshots so that we can see exactly what you mean?


I can reproduce this issue in my dev environment… it’s on the group activity/post feed:

Without the staff color the post will appear here, but if you go to the post and add a staff color… it’s removed. Definitely seems a little odd.

It looks like what we do when that button is clicked it switch the post type from “regular” to “moderator”… so I’d guess we’re filtering out “moderator” post types somewhere?


Thanks, yes that sounds like the problem! Let me know if I can provide anything else on my end or try anything out.


Hmm, I wonder if this is a side effect of filtering out the small action posts (topic split, assign, etc) @eviltrout? No, I just checked and a small action post for close shows up in my activity feed.


I’ve fixed this in the following pull request. It should be available shortly.


Wonderful, thank you so much!!

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