"Staff Notes" plugin showing even when not enabled?

Hey all,

It seems that overnight, the staff-notes plugin was installed on our discourse forum. While we like the concept, the “Staff Notes” button is displaying on user profiles for every user, and doesn’t seem to be functioning for staff members. Was this plugin rolled out as a feature to all discourse forums or something, and how can we properly configure it for our forum?

Developer Relations @ Roblox

I just updated one of the Discourse Forums I run for Crazyblox, Running 1.9.0.beta14 and I don’t see the button nor a setting to install it or enable it.

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I just looked on my Discourse hosted site, I see that it is installed but not enabled by default.

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Hi Lilly,

It looks like we have a bug here. Staff notes has been installed on your site for months, but was disabled as you did not enable it. An update to staff notes that was deployed yesterday seems to have added the staff notes button to the user profile page even when disabled. @eviltrout is looking into this now.


It was indeed a bug. We’ve got a fix, and it is being deployed. Should be live in about 5 minutes.


Cool, thanks Discourse team! Glad to know it wasn’t on our end after all - that said, I think we will be looking into how to use this plugin properly as it seems very useful. :slight_smile:

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You’re quite welcome! If you have questions about the plugin once now that it will work properly, don’t hesitate to bring them up in User Notes Plugin.


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