Staff Notices for....staff?

Regarding the staff notices functionality…is there a plugin or something which would allow us to use staff notices so they are only visible to staff?

We ran into a situation where someone put a staff notice on a post thinking those were only visible to staff (it was a quick heads up about a problematic user in a thread), but obviously the notices are visible to all, so we had to remove it quickly.

Having the ability to drop quick notes within a thread, especially a problematic one, which are visible to only staff would be an invaluable tool for consistent moderation and cohesive “behavior” from staff, so I was wondering if something like that is available and I just can’t find it.

Have you experimented with whispers?


In addition to what Stephen mentioned you could perhaps utilise the Discourse User Notes plugin to keep track of problematic user(s)


Thanks. Whispers looks to be what we’re looking for. testing it now.


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