Staff notes to a post add the note to the user instead of post


I added a staff note,via the moderator wrench to a post. Then to a second post.

Now it seems that in all my posts (disregarding the topic) i see near my username the staff notes icon. I thought i added the note only to that post, and not to my user.

When i click the icon, i get this:

Which correctly takes me to the post.

For me it feels a little weird to have the icon always there near my username. I expected to have the icon only at those posts for which i added the note(s).

Is this the normal behavior?


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Yes, this is normal. Staff notes are designed to be primarily attached to ‘users’ rather than ‘posts’. If you want to have staff-only information about specific posts, maybe whispers would be more suitable:



I see now. Thanks for the explanation!

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