Staff notices on specific user

Any documentation on this feature? Can it be used on specific users? Got a troublesome user that I could use it with to notify other mods

Actually is it this?


It’s brand new so we don’t yet have any documentation, but the purpose is to make a public notice to the community. The example you’re showing, warning the community about using obscenities, is a good example of how it could be used.

If you want to make a private note about a user that only Staff members can see, you’d want to use the Staff Notes plugin. Then whenever that person posts staff members can see a clickable icon next to their name


and then on click they can see the details

We will be making some changes to clarify the difference between a Staff Notice (visible publicly) and a Staff/User Note (applies to a user, and only Staff can see it). For example, we’re going to start calling Staff Notes “User Notes” as seen in the post admin menu here:


That’s great thank you for clarifying

You can use it for that, if you want trust level 2 and higher users to also see the notice.