Staged users getting welcome message

Any ideas why staged users are getting welcome messages? I looked through my settings and am not sure what to turn off to prevent this from happening.

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@jomaxro can you repro?

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To clarify, this is for a personal forum I am setting up. I’ve been reaching out to people by email in the usual way, and they got a message from discobot. I’ve since fiddled with the settings and these welcome messages have ceased. I don’t know what I did to fix it.

I still need to do some testing and will get back to you here when I have info, but if any one has insights into the combination of settings to prevent this while still allowing new users to receive it, I’d appreciate it.

I have repro on the personal forum I am setting up now and on The offending setting appears to be the one highlighted in the screenshot below.

Staged users will get the welcome message from discobot if welcome post is not disabled, and “send all new users a welcome message with a quick start guide” is selected.

Staged users will not get the welcome message if “Start the new user tutorial for all new users” is selected.


Interesting, we should fix this before release @pmusaraj if it is low risk.


I could reproduce this locally, this should fix it (once it passes tests): FIX: do not send welcome message to staged users · discourse/discourse@3c5fbd3 · GitHub

Thanks for the report @tobiaseigen!