Start creating a new topic via link?

Is it possible to send a user to a specific URL (like Welcome - that will open up an editor to create a new topic with the topic and category filled in?

I’m working on integrating github pages and discourse for onlline courses, but I think it also applies to general github pages integration. This would avoid having to create a topic for every page and it will also avoid lots of 1 comment topics for pages that turned out to not be comment worthy.

Does this already exist? Am I missing the whole point? Does it simply require some sleeve rolling?


Not yet, but totally legit and good feature request.


I think this is the topic I was thinking of

Yes, definately related - although this would be to create a new topic rather than reply to a post in an existing topic.

If the user have to log in and the intent of creating a new topic isn’t carry over they will be at a complete loss. Is it something that lies in that 5% of things that doesn’t fit with how everything else is done or would it be possible to do?

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I assume this idea would also cover subcategories as well. If so, I think it’d be great, and help people avoid miscategorization.

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(Nice to see the “Revive this topic” pop-up come up as I started this reply. Yes, indeed I would like to revive this topic.)

Has anyone had a chance to scratch this itch yet? I’m in a similar situation where I’d like to be able to have a link that I could post on a page outside of the Discourse site to encourage the creation of a new topic.


I would love to have something like this. We’re starting out with a “Hi I am . . .” category and it would be great to have the about have a link to “Introduce Yourself” that pops up the new topic editor.


Would love this too. We’d like to link people to our About the problems category topic via our github projects file. Currently we have to do this inside our about category page:

Ready to post? Browse existing problems! (you can create a new problem by clicking the New Topic button up the top right of the browse page)

Which really isn’t that elegant.

This is on @techapj’s list.


This feature is now available! :gift: