Query about creating topics in a category using email

Hi all,

We are looking to replace our mailman mailing lists with a solution using Discourse.

Sending an email to create a topic in a category looks like it would be a good solution for us:

We are also hoping to use this OAuth2 plugin to authenticate to our ‘Reply To’ email on Microsoft 365:

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience using this combination of features?

We are hoping to use 1 email mailbox on Microsoft365. For the custom incoming email addresses would we be able to set up aliases for the Microsoft365 mailbox to accommodate the various custom incoming email addresses needed for the categories?

Any knowledge or insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Hi all,

Found some time to work on this so just providing a little update for anyone who has the same question.

The Graph Poller Plugin works great for incoming emails and allows users to respond to a topic using email. The base email address is discourse@domain.com

Using an alias in Microsoft365 didn’t seem to work when assigning them to specific categories, emails sent to alias1@domain.com would act as though they had gone to discourse@domain.com

What did work was using + addresses for specific categories.

Category1 is assigned the custom incoming address of discourse+category1@domain.com, category2 is assigned custom incoming address of discourse+category2@domain.com and it works as expected.


(We have set up outbound emails to send via postfix, this is for incoming emails only)