Start Topic via E-Mail with different domain

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Is it possible to have e-mails to a different domain be delivered to a specific group?

E.g. the Discourse instance is hosted on, but the e-mail addresses end in

So, send e-mail to address -> Create DM in group:

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that you can do this with Discourse out of the box. It can only poll single collecting mail box.

Easier would be to use some kind of email forwarder (hosting usually supports that) from email box on external domain (foo @ to the proper Discourse collecting mailbox for that category / group (reply+category1foo @ That is definitely doable.

Yes. Just see that all of those messages get to Discourse and configure the groups accordingly.

That’s true, so you’d need to forward [foo|bar]* to whatever mailbox discourse is getting.


Ok, thanks for your ideas! I’ll forward this to our admins and come back if we bump into issues. :slight_smile: