Starting a second Discourse forum on the same VPS

(Vincent) #1


I would like to host a second forum on an OVH VPS. Main standalone discourse instance runs on the domain root ( and I want the new one to be ran on

I figured the best solution would be 2 standalone instances with nginx proxy_pass in front.

I thoroughly read the following threads:

I just nuked my config files, removed the front nginx and reverted to my previous app.yml for the sake of a fresh start.

Has anyone tried this kind of installation?
If we come to a solution I’ll be happy to put up a wiki page for this specific case.



(Jay Pfaffman) #2

Your plan should work. Or both instances on non standard ports. I recommend using caddyserver as the front door. That’ll give you https in both sites with no extra configuration.


(Vincent) #3

According to this answer (which might be outdated) it appears like running Discourse on a non-standard port is not the prettiest way:

But anyway, why not.

Thanks a lot for your answer and for bringing up Caddy, I never heard of it. Anyone interested, DO wrote a howto:

Edit : in addition, it seems like Ubuntu 16.04 users have to enable systemd-networkd service first.

sudo systemctl enable systemd-networkd
sudo systemctl start systemd-networkd

In this case @pfaffman, should I disable ssl and letsencrypt in app.yml?

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(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4


Also, if you want to save some resources, you can use this, it’s just a bit more work than 2 standalones, but uses half the resources: Multisite configuration with Docker


(Kane York) #5

That’s for running on a nonstandard port for the external interface - what you type in the web browser - not for internal routing.

I’d still recommend the use of unix sockets for the [Caddy || nginx] -> Discourse.nginx connection if you’re doing 2 containers.

If you can figure out how to do multisite, of course, that’ll get you just one container and everything is fine.

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