Starting an external bot and trigger a certain flow in an iframe

We’d like to include a 3rd party bot in our Discourse site to help new users understand what our community is all about before they join it and pay a membership fee (via the subscription plugin). We’d like to trigger this bot from posts and CTAs around the site via a link / button click and start a predefined flow in the bot.

The Bot (Here’s an example) can be integrated via an iframe or via this script before the closing body-tag:

<script src="" data-fxo-widget="eyJ0aGVtZSI6IiM2N2MxOGUiLCJ3ZWIiOnsiYm90SWQiOiI1ZjYwNmFmZGJhYmU5NjAwNGIwODc4NTMiLCJ0aGVtZSI6IiM2N2MxOGUiLCJsYWJlbCI6IkV4YW1wbGVib3QifX0=" async defer></script>

So I (non-coder :wink:) built a theme component with the code above and an additional script that triggers a certain flow when a link with a certain ID is clicked:

<script type="text/javascript">

        // Wait for the page to load first 
        window.onload = function() {

          //Get a reference to the link on the page
          // with an id of "mylink"
          var a = document.getElementById("mylink");

          //Set code to run when the link is clicked
          // by assigning a function to "onclick"
          a.onclick = function() {

            // Your code here...
           FxoMessenger.on('stateChanged', function(state) {
      if (state === 'connected') {
        FxoMessenger.sendMessage('This is the text that triggers the flow in the bot!');
            //If you don't want the link to actually 
            // redirect the browser to another page,
            // "" in our example here, then
            // return false at the end of this block.
            // Note that this also prevents event bubbling,
            // which is probably what we want here, but won't 
            // always be the case.
            return false;

This works in theory, but, unfortunately, the ID is automatically removed from a link in a Discourse post. Is there a way to achieve this? Thanks for your help!