State of disqus to discourse importer

I am trying to migrate my comments from disqus to discourse and came across these comments
I couldn’t find the importer at
Those posts were in 2014 and the last topic on this is 2016 if I am not wrong

Is the importer still active?

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Looks like the Disqus importer moved in with the other importers:


Thanks @awole20.

Does this mean, the commands to run this has changed?

You would run it like

ruby script/import_scripts/discus.rb

Glancing at it, it doesn’t support uploads, avatars, or 301 redirects. It puts everything in a single category (perhaps that’s how Discus works).


Hi @pfaffman,
I was unable to get to the script folder. What am I doing wrong here?

You need to install a development environment.

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Is this how I should setup the dev environment?

I am a bit surprised here because comments like this


don’t mention setting up env.