What I should do for migration from Cusdis to Discourse

The community platform my website using is Cusdis, and there have been some comments.
Now, my website changes to use Discourse, and I need to migrate the existing comments to Discourse. So I wonder how to migrate the data in Cusdis.

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I don’t see an existing import script for Cusdis (and haven’t heard of it). See discourse/script/import_scripts at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub for examples, and use one as a model to create one. I wrote several before really learning Ruby, so if you are a programmer and know a bit of SQL you can probably do it. If you’re not a programmer or would rather not write such a script, post in #marketplace or see https://www.literatecomputing.com/discourse-migration/.


I’m familiar with SQL, so maybe it’s not too difficult to finish script.
But I’m a absolute fresh to Ruby, before starting, I wonder whether there is any way to create users related to existing comments. In my existing comments data, there is only about one-tenth has email, and other use nickname to distinguish user.
My another problem is once I finish Ruby script, where I use it.

I wrote several importers before I really learned ruby.

You’ll need to create the users. The script will generate bogus email addresses if the one you supply is missing or invalid.

Look at the #howto topics for any other importer. They all are run the same way.

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I noticed the script is used via command line. The forum I’m using is not installed in my machine, and I create it by Discourse website.
I tried to connect with ssh, but get “Operation timed out” like below

To use importer script, I wonder if I have to connect to the server and if so, how should I log in server?

You will need to install discourse yourself, either a development or standard install, run the script, ,make a backup, upload it to your site, and ask them to restore it.

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I’m a little confused. If you need your own server, then the data will be stored on your own server. So why is there a difference in storage between subscription plans?

Can’t a live instance be converted to a production instance by subscription after the trial period ends?

You will run the script on your own machine;server and then upload it to the discourse.org first where your site will be. Then you can turn off your server. You will then be subject to the limits on the plans that they offer.

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Ok ok, I know your mean that I should run script to import data to a temporary discourse instance, then make a backup, and finally import the backup to discourse prod instance.
Thank you very much. :+1:

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