Statistic Number of topics created by user

The table in the ‘Users’ tab shows a column with the number of ‘topics’ per users and one with the number of ‘replies’. It is early days for our forum but it looks to me that the ‘Topics’ column displays the sum of the number of topics created and the number of replies.

I would prefer to have a separate column for ‘topics created’ and one for ‘replies’. Does that make sense?

There is already a column for replies in /users. It already works how you are describing, with distinct columns for topics created and replies created.

Hi Jeff, what i meant by ‘topics created’ was new topics started. I have someone who has started 7 new topics, has replied to 2 other topics and the column ‘Topics’ says 9. What i was hoping for is a column that shows that he has started 7 new topics.

That’s odd, that does not jibe what what you see here:

Notice how under my name it says “topics = 1” which feels correct to me. I probably created 1 new topic in that timeframe. I certainly replied to many, many topics.

What version of Discourse are you on?