Still "less sign" is used in the topics list when it makes little sense

Not sure if it is a translation problem, or still an issue in the code. As discussed in this topic, the “less sign” makes little to no difference for “<1m”. However, I just noticed that there are other cases where the “less” sign is used and it makes even less sense:

In this screenshot, “<29 min” and “<39 min” looks like overhead: “29min” and “39min” should work just same well and keep formatting unified in the topics list.

Is this a localization thing @eviltrout?

It looks like this is an error in the translation.

In english x_minutes looks like this:

  one:   "1m"
  other: "%{count}m"

But in Russian it looks like this:

  one: "1мин"
  few: "< %{count}мин"
  many: "< %{count}мин"
  other: "< %{count}мин"

This needs to be corrected in transifex.


Now an interesting observation: those keys were reviewed in the past in Transifex, so theoretically no one were going to look at them at all any time soon.

Is there any way to automatically unreview any keys that get altered in the source code?

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I’m unfortunately not very familiar with how Transifex works. From my point of view translations magically stream in over time :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe someone else like @techAPJ or @neil know more about this?

In the meantime, fixed the translation in Transifex:

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This is a question for Transifex. /shrug Who on your translation team reviewed them? Who added the wrong translations? How do you unreview something in Transifex UI? I don’t know.

Transifex used to remove the “reviewed” and “translated” status for each changed string during a push. On first glance it looks like it doesn’t do that anymore.

But, I think the problem is even worse. According to the resource overview on Transifex client.en.yml should be from today.

If you download the English client.en.yml from Transifex it contains the translations from August 10th! The last notifications I got from Transifex are also from that date.

So, I guess pushing to Transifex doesn’t work anymore.

@neil Can you check that the correct (latest) locale files where pushed to Transifex? Is it a problem with the tx client?

I pushed the source files now. How does it look in Transifex?

Looks good. I got notifications and the locale files are up to date. :thumbsup:


Does it still work like that?

I just checked. Yes, it still does work that way.