Still using v2.4 and want to upgrade to v2.7


The community site we’re using currently using is in version 2.4 from 2019, I can see there’s 2.7beta available but no obvious way to update this?

Is there an easy way for admins to do this or will I require technical support for it?

You may need to rebuild a couple times before you could be able to update through the UI.

There have been upgrades to postgres version since 2.4.0 which cannot be upgraded from the UI.

To rebuild via ssh, follow these steps:

cd /var/discourse 
git pull
./launcher rebuild app
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Thanks @itsbhanusharma,

Would you know how many hours it would take one developer to rebuild this in ssh?

It should be done under an hour unless there are some trivial plugins or configuration blocking the rebuild.

The actual build time depends on your server itself. Older hardware tends to take significantly longer than newer hardware.

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Fantastic thank you @itsbhanusharma :grinning:

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