Stop accepting DMs

Hey there!

I would like to stop accepting DMs that are sent to me in our Discourse Forum? Is it possible to disable that in some kind of personal user settings?

Thank you!

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I assume by “DM” you mean Personal Message? Or are you referring to Chat?

One question: why are you concerned?

Is it that there are a lot of new/relatively untrusted users sending Personal Messages (PMs)?

One way to tackle this is to set this higher to a more restricted set of users, so only very trusted users or users within Membership groups can send PMs:


personal message enabled groups

Though you can also change your user preference too if you don’t want to make a site wide change:

You can find this on your /preferences/users page.


Thank you a lot @JammyDodger ! That’s exactly what I was looking for!

@merefield the context basically is that our forum is a support one but I’m changing roles and I simply don’t want users to keep reaching out to me as I will no longer be able to help them and don’t want them to reach out as I won’t be able to answer those :slight_smile:


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