Stop receiving Discourse Meta

How do I stop receiving “Discourse Meta” commentaries?
I’m new to Discourse and somehow receive all the chat to “Discourse Meta” discussions.

You probably have Mailing list mode ON.

See it in your Emails preferences.

Yes, it is on. I was instructed to in order to receive specific Discourse group, via email posts, not the entire discourse discussions going on?

Does turning it on mean I am to get all discussions going on on discourse? No way I want that.

Mailing list mode ON means you will get every post.

Turn Mailing list mode OFF and in Preferences > Categories > Watched select the ones you want. Then you will only get posts from those selected categories. Adjust your other preferences in Emails and Notifications.


Yes. See your setting here:

If you turn that off and let us know what content you do need to follow then we can advise.

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With mailing list mode off, and watching specific categories, will Discourse send me email posts?

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Yes. Also check the “Send me email notifications even when I am active on the site” setting under Emails if you must get them by email.

There is a group of users that discuss macOS issues called TidBits. Tidbits says they are using Discourse. They told me to enable mailing list mode in order to receive Discourse posts from the group via email.

Were they wrong? I cannot find a Category called TidBits to follow in Discourse.

Discourse is a discussion platform that anyone can use to run their own site on. This forum ( is meant to discuss the development of the Discourse platform.

What you’re likely looking for is Tidbit’s community (which runs on Discourse). That seems to be located here:


Thank you. I think I was given the wrong instructions.


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