Stripping incoming email attachments doesn't notify sender

Continuing the discussion from Incoming emails with attachments are not processed:

It appears that when an attachment is stripped off (e.g., because it’s not on the approved file type list) the user is never notified that the attachment did not go through.

This causes users to think/assume we got their attachment when in fact it never got included in their post.

Stripping attachments should notify the user (similar to a failed post due to address mismatch or other problems) that the attachment was not included because the file type is not allowed. (Or too big, etc.)


Back on topic, cleared out a ton of noise in this topic.

There are a lot of email clients that include little BS “attachments” with every email they send that contain signatures, calendar files, and other meaningless errata.

If we sent a bounce email on every one, for every “unknown” attachment that was emailed in, that’d be extremely noisy.


Any actual numbers here? Calendar files are usually only sent when someone wants to communicate about an event. Email signatures perhaps but those are usually only for HTML formatted emails right?

I have seen these things but not convinced it’s really a problem here.

One could also only notify when removing a “legit” type such as accepted whitelist matches.


All E-Mails I send have a smime.p7s attachment.

If dropping attachments notifies the sender, this needs a whitelist of filenames where dropping is harmless.

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