Styling email digest

(Jonathan Allard) #1

I’m looking at the digest email on my forum, and since my logo is on a dark background (white logo),
it doesn’t come out great in the email header which has a light grey background.

I’d settle for providing a dark-on-light logo version for the email, but ideally we’d specify a color/style for the email (header at least).

I was looking at the code on CSS customisation for RTL:

Is this on the development roadmap, and what would the project devs suggest about this issue? Would another setting be desirable?

(Edit: hmm. a search for “styling email” or the auto-search didn’t catch the dupe.)

Roadmap for styling email digest
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(Jeff Atwood) #2

Let’s keep this conversation in one place: Additional logo for emails?

(Jeff Atwood) #3