Styling front page category title & nav container background

Hi! First off, thanks to all of you for making this such a helpful community!

We are currently trying to do two things where I’d appreciate your help:

  1. Change CATEGORY and LATEST titles on the home page to a better readable color and also increase the font size. See below.

  2. Change the BACKGROUND color of the navigation container (only the container) to a light grey like in this example

Could we change the appearance via custom CSS?
And concrete advice would be awesome!

Thanks, Thomas

Yes, you’ll need to add custom CSS in a theme.

We have a couple guides to get you started on themes:
Beginner's guide to using Discourse Themes
Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes

If you’re not familiar with CSS you can post what you’re trying to accomplish in #marketplace and you’ll likely find someone that can help.


Hi @awesomerobot, many thanks.
I’m familiar with Discourse CSS but couldn’t find the right code for these sections in the two guides you mentioned.

Would you (or someone from the community) be able to help us with the right lines of CSS code for the two sections I have mentioned?

Many thanks! Thomas