Styling issue with category banner theme component

I just upgraded site to latest version and not able to install category banner plugin. I see below error. please help on this. thanks

The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 500 Internal Server Error server error response code indicates that the server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request. This error response is a generic “catch-all” response.

— The server is probably still catching up with things in the update and adjusting it so give it some time then download the theme, that’s what happened to me as well.

@anythingoracve, thanks. It is 4 hrs still same issue. actually after discourse upgrade to newer version I updated plugins. only this plugin gave 500 error so I deleted this plugin. Then tried to install but still 500 error. I also tried rebooting server, still no luck.

Seems strange. Would a rebuild work?

I rebuild and used cleanup on server but still no luck. I also tried installing from a git repository option but still not working. Very strange, dont know how to proceed.

My discourse instance is default and not did any customization on site.


I tried to install category banner using a zip file from github and this is what I see. Can anyone help on this? Is there a bug in latest discourse version? this plugin was working fine before upgrade. thanks!

can anyone help me please? thanks!

It is possible that the issue is related to a theme customization on your site. Can you try entering your site in safe-mode to see if that solves the problem? If you are still getting errors in safe-mode, let us know.

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@simon thank you! By entering into safe mode I’m able to install banners plugin. One issue is solved. I disabled all customization, plugins on site (except banners plugin). I still see below issues. Banner is getting cropped by header.

Could you please help on this. thanks!

From your screenshot it looks like there is some custom CSS that is causing an element to overlap the category banner. When I try installing the theme component on my own site I am not seeing that issue. It is also possible that the issue is related to the browser that you are using - I’m testing this with the latest Chrome browser.

If your site is public and you share a link to a category page that has this issue, someone might be able to see what is causing the problem.


@simon thank you again! I added very less custom css and long about page description, which I removed but still it was showing issue.

I rebuild app after this and found there is new discourse version. Now I see category banner is showing properly. I added back all plugins, custom css code and everything is working fine now.

Issue must be somewhere but not able to catch this time because it is not showing with latest version. If I see again then will update this thread.

Thank you very much for your help. highly appreciate!

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