Sub-sub-categories CSS regressions and additional functionality to customise their behaviour

After activating the third layer of sub-sub-categories, as explained in Sub-sub-categories - #7 by Michael_Uray, we are observing certain regressions of this (undocumented) feature.

Looking at the visual glitch described in Hide sub-sub-categories from /categories listing?, it seems the CSS for subcategories does not apply to sub-sub-categories equally, probably due to some kind of selector issue.



It would be really nice, if one could optionally hide sub-sub-categories from this view and have it use an unadapted display there.

The regression in Sub-sub-categories - #16 by frhun does not appear to be present anymore.

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Have you considered posting a request to the theme-component Author?

I just need to find something and will post again shortly

@almereyda I was not able to reproduce that visual bug. It all seems to look good to me:

Can you please give us more details about the issue?

This post had code for hamburger menu. Imagine .subcategory for each sub-sub category would need to be added.

.hamburger-panel .category-link.subcategory {
.hamburger-panel .category-link.subcategory.subcategory {

Might work

This post is in the Category hider topic.

keegan is very responsive and might add the change if requested.