Hide sub-sub-categories from /categories listing?

I apologize that this is probably a fairly obscure question:

Is it possible to hide sub-sub categories from the /categories listing?

In other (more verbose) words:

In a normal scenario, when you look at /categories you have lots of colored stripes along the side for Level 1, and let’s say the bullet-style squares for the sub-categories. That’s great.

But when you bring in a sub-category that has a further layer of sub-sub-categories (if enabled through the rails console!) the UI changes quite a bit, showing each sub-category in the style of a regular category (big header, description, category logo), and then the sub-sub-categories beneath that.

What I’d like to do if possible is have a sub-category with actual sub-sub-categories, just with the sub-sub’s hidden from the main front page category listing, and without changing the UI to the clunkier nested mode.

Is that possible somehow?


FWIW, I think the way forward here in the case at hand will be to not use Discourse category listings and rather use the sidebar category list from the Custom Layouts Plugin which can support 3-level categories in the sidebar, with the topic lists to the right.


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