Subcategories suddenly missing

I used to be able to see the subcategories when publishing a post to Discourse, now I can only see top level categories in the dropdown. I do have the option checked for displaying subcategories in the WP plugin so there seems to be a regression here.

Hey David, I just tested this out and it’s working for me. Here’s what I did with my test setup ( is connected to

  1. Created a new sub-category: Eclipses - Pavilion's Demo Community

  2. Turned on “Display Subcategories” in WP Discourse Publishing settings.

  3. Forced a category update in WP Discourse by checking “Force Category Update”.

  4. The eclipse sub-category appeared in the category list in WP Discourse.

  5. Publishing to the eclipse category worked as expected.

Could you walk me through some similar steps reproducing the issue?

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I wonder if this is related to the experimental ‘category scaling’ mode? Maybe worth trying? (@davidkingham do you have that enabled?)


Yes, I’ve reproduced the issue as follows:

  1. Set the Discourse site setting “lazy load categories groups” to “admins”.

  2. Perform steps 1 to 3 (above).

  3. Subcategories do not appear in WP Discourse.

@davidkingham could confirm whether you’re using the “lazy load categories groups” site setting?


Thanks guys, yes I had it set to admins, disabling it does not bring the subcategories back.

You may need to also invalidate your WP Discourse and / or Discourse caches.

  1. Update the details of a category in Discourse.
  2. Select “Force Category Update” in the WP Discourse Publishing settings and “Save Options”.

That did the trick, thank you Angus!