Subcategory disappeared from Categories page

I have a subcategory for one of my categories. It used to display nested underneath the category in the Categories view. However, it has since disappeared from that view. I can still navigate to the subcategory via the URL but it is not shown nested on the Categories page anymore. Any idea what happened and how I can get it back? I haven’t changed any category settings so I’m not entirely sure how this would’ve happened.

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Can you have a look at the Categories settings on your preferences page to see if the subcategory is muted for your user?


Looks like that was it. But why would it have defaulted to muted for everyone? It’s not muted by default in my site settings.

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Do you know if the category was previously set to be suppressed from the latest list?

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I honestly don’t remember, though there’s a solid chance it was. Is there a way to return it to normal visibility for everybody on my end? I definitely want users to be able to see it via the Categories page.

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When the suppress category from latest setting was removed, Discourse ran a migration that added any categories that had this setting applied to them to all user’s Muted categories settings.

To remove the Muted categories for your users may require some commands get run on the site’s backend. For any hosted customers dealing with this issue, get in touch with us. For non-hosted customers, see How do I set tag tracking level defaults historically.


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