Subcategory layouts - desktop vs mobile

This looks good!

Desktop Boxes

This looks great!

Mobile Rows

Here’s the issue:

This looks bad:

Desktop Rows

And this looks bad:

Mobile Boxes

Is there any easy way to change the display style based on which device our users are on? I’m not aware of a way to change site settings with CSS. Doing boxes on desktop and rows on mobile would be sweet.

Alternatively, is there any way to bring mobile-style “rows” to desktop? It really seems like a much more usable way to break things into rows than what’s available on desktop.

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For added context, we’re on stable and our hosting plan does not allow us console access or custom plugins, so neither of those are options.

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Surely we can’t be the only people that would like rows on mobile and boxes on desktop?

Mobile rows look so good and it’s a real shame that the rows on desktop have so much dead space