Subfolder installation: links in Top Referred Topics do not contain subfolder in the path

Hi, my forum v1.9.0 installed in subfolder. The link in Top Referred Topics admin section does not contain subfolder, see an attached picture.


Aha we should fix this @neil

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Thank you, Jeff! One question… how does the team handle updates of stable releases? Could you point me to the reference if it exists, please? I would like to stay on v1.9.x.

Edit your app.yml to point to the stable branch. Then, run /var/discourse/launcher rebuild app which will upgrade to the latest stable release. In the future, you can upgrade through the admin UI as usual.

However, you should note that the stable branch changes less often, but isn’t necessarily more reliable. I’d recommend that you stick to beta to get fixes for issues as they are developed :slight_smile:


Thanks for the fast and detailed explanation! Beta aka test-passed branch is less suitable for me). I just wonder to know if stable branches still develop after release :slight_smile:

I’ve been supporting two Discourse instances since October 2017 after migrating from different forum engine. We use Discourse as a platform for customers and we are software developers familiar with beta-state, therefore it is better to have predictable forum than beta version. Too many surprises may happen during beta-period :wink:

Stable releases only get security fixes and occasional bugfixes for the most severe „pants-on-fire“ bugs :slight_smile:


Sort of, for the first two weeks after a release we tend to fold in any low risk bug fixes as well.


Sorry for probable offtopic, but here it is today’s crash. The proof to choose stable branch.

I fixed this bug in beta today.