Multi-language forum

Hello guys,

we are trying to launch a multilingual forum (3 languages LTR) and would like to know if this would be possible :

  1. Users and databases are connected : One signup gives access to every section of the forum so if users want to participate in more than one language they don’t need to do multiple signups.

  2. Language selection : by clicking on a image of a country flag like in the wd community mobile version

  3. After language selection : the front page and the categories are displayed in the selected language with a similar layout as the current categories page.

For example, at the french section “” there would be a similar front page with categories and the same list of sub-categories in french as the English section "

TLDR : We do not want to display topics after language is selected because we want to guide our users between different categories first.

Hope somebody can us help do this.

Edit: If there is a way of making the same interface of the “category” on the “sub-category”, we could make it work.


Be sure to cast your eye over:



I went through your link,

we don’t want all messages to be translated, we want to separate categories by language.

Like you enter in the french and everything that is posted there is written by french people, they don’t need to put tags. It’s within the “french” category.

But if the french visitor can speak english, he can go to the english section where every english speakers write in english.

The trick here is that we can’t have the same interface as the front page with all the categories for each language.

Only one login, but three different frontpage with the same layout.

I also edited the scheme to be more understandable.

Thank you for your time.

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