Subscription Access To Discourse

Newbie & confused.

I have a squarespace website, so I’m not sure I can integrate Discourse into the the site / members area. It would be awesome if so!

I want to be able to give my customers (those who buy a package of services) access to the Discourse forum, but also to sell a monthly membership to others. I’ve looked at patreon, and don’t think it fits my needs. Example, I don’t want another repository of content, I want monthly & yearly subscriptions, and it’s all or nothing access not levels that I want to provide.

So can I somehow use Paypal or Stripe to have a membership subscription that gives them access to Discourse and know that when they stop paying, they will no longer have access?

Or can I put my discourse info in a member area of Squarespace.

TY for helping a newbie out. Really like discourse – hoping I can find a way to continue.


Have you tried this plugin?


at the risk of showing my complete novice status – I think that is completely over my head!


Its alright. You can’t know everything if you are new. Welcome to the community by the way :discourse: :tada:


So I found plug-ins, and got this error: Unable to configure link to ‘Subscriptions’. Ensure ad-blockers are disabled and try reloading the page.

Now to figure that out :slight_smile:

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I feel like this could meet my needs if I can just figure out how to make to work. I was able to get past the pop-up, but I don’t even know where to start with the instructions. Is there a helpdesk?

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Hi @danabrig,
Are you trying to get this to work on the plan that we host for you, or do you also have a self-hosted site?


I don’t really know what that means? I’m on a trial of discourse. I think it’s exactly what I’m looking for. If I can confirm the subscription works I’ll sign up today!

Without the subscription I’m trying to figure out else to manage paid access

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Good news - the Subscription plugin is available on all of our hosting plans. :tada: :slight_smile: You should be able to find it on your /admin/plugins page and enable it from there. You will need to set it up for your Stripe account following the instructions in the Discourse Subscriptions topic @ondrej linked above. :+1:


I’m super close after talking with the folks over at stripe. I see the subscription option, but it’s not pulling in the product.


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This is great info @JammyDodger

I’m working on a similar functionality as @danabrig using SqSp and Discourse.

I had a few questions:

  • How can I create a quarterly subscription option? (I only see monthly and annual, among a few options)
  • How do I prevent access to the discourse instance for non-subscribers (i.e. members)?

I know I can limit access/permissions with groups, however I’m trying to understand the workflow/funnel to get to the Products page for non-subscribed users (which are also users that have not created an account/logged in yet).

Appreciate the help.

Dana - how’s the “integration” going for you?

Hello and welcome @Brian_P_1 :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t believe quarterly is an available option at the moment. Though it has also been mentioned recently in this topic Stripe Payment Gateway feature request - #24 by Chaitanya_Khanna, so may be worth a dedicated feature request. :+1:

I think the Subscription flow is to have people signup for the ‘freely available’ section of your site, and then subscribe to gain access to the gated areas. There may be other ways to achieve what you’re looking for though, but I’m afraid I don’t have experience of those. :slight_smile: If nothing is popping out using the Search you may get more knowledgable replies from a fresh support topic. :crossed_fingers:

My forum is subscription only, and (every)one has to register, first, no anonymous entries.

They then do not become a ‘member’(group) yet, and can only see one category, which only directs them to the ‘welcome’ and the subscription page. About half stay there and never subscribe for whatever reason.

Only once subscribed do they become part of the ‘member’ group and can see all the other categories and within 10 minutes of reading get Trust Level 2, so we are all on an even plane.

This works quite well. I have one per month subscription product and one per year subscription product.
Unsure when someone stops paying/cancels the subscription if they automagically unbecome members, so I keep an eye out myself to do this by hand, the forum is small enough to do this. Once they subscribe again, for a month for instance, it does put them in the member group again (should at least :slight_smile: )

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