Subscriptions: Coupon Support

Is there a way to use Stripe “coupons” ?

Not in the current build of the plugin. Might be a good v2 feature if there’s enough need for it!


+1 for this

And additionally, One time memberships fee payment


Regarding this subscriptions plugin in general, is there a way to provide for discounts?

For example, if I have a group on my app that people have to pay to join, I am considering having one general price, and another (cheaper) price if someone is a student.

So I could have two prices. Or, if easier, maybe just one price but have a discount code that students can use.

Is there a way to do one of these to be able to give people discounts?

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Aside from creating a second product tier, no there is no way to do this. Adding Stripe coupon codes is a great feature idea, though I won’t be able to get to this for a while.


Thanks. What do you mean by a second product “tier”, if I am thinking of having two prices to join the same group?

Or perhaps it doesn’t need to be the same group…could be two different groups (one for general, one for students), but each group gets access to the same private category…something like that?

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Yes that sounds reasonable.

Options right now would be:

  • One product with two price tiers.
  • Two products with a different group and different price.

That sounds like what I would want. Is there a set way to do that with the plugin?

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Indeed there is. Just create a second price on a product :slight_smile:


I have this addition halfway completed:

This requires creation of coupon codes in the Stripe dashboard for now. I’ll be adding support for creation of codes via the Discourse dashboard soon though!


Admin support wraps this one up!