What are the plans for product-specific pricing table settings

Awesome job on the plugin. Setup is easy and straightforward.

Are there any plans to have the following settings available at the Product - Level?

  • discourse subscriptions pricing table id
  • discourse subscriptions pricing table enabled

Currently, these are global settings. It only allows for 1 pricing table, but there might be use case where there’s multiple products that each have their own pricing table in Stripe and a desire to use Stripe Checkout.


  • Product 1
    ** Bronze Plan - $10
    ** Silver Plan - $20
    ** Gold Plan - $50

  • Product 2
    ** Bronze Plan - $50
    ** Silver Plan - $100
    ** Gold Plan - $250

Ideally, Product 1 and Product 2 would have separate pricing tables. The ‘Subscribe’ button for a given product on the ‘/s’ page would launch Stripe Checkout.


Not currently, but thanks for bringing this up as I never even considered it! Likely something that could be done at some point, but can’t guarantee any sort of time table and the moment.