Subscriptions: Promote products on site in various places

Is there a way to position products currently?

If not, would there be interest in a table-based TC that could position products & subscriptions horizontally & vertically inside a topic (with proper official Stripe logo) and display it on the subscription /s page? I will be needing something like this in the nearish future, and I’d be more motivated if I know I’m not the only one interested in using it.

I imagine including the Stripe logo and various supported credit card logos below the credit card form would give potential subscribers a big boost of confidence in the integrated system, e.g.:

Powered by Stripe - blurple image image Amex_logo_color


We have a campaigns feature (which I unfortunately need to write up documentation for yet), but note specifically to show it in the topic yet. I’ll split this out into a separate topic so we can track interest.