Columns in subscriptions views

Some UX suggestions for the subscriptions plugin:

Both the subscriptions view for an admin and for a user seem very technical due to the presence of long ID’s.

admin view

  • The admin view misses a column for the renewal date.

  • It would be handy if the long strings for customer and subscription would be links to the Stripe website. The text could just be “link” or an icon. This would create space for a renewal date column.

user view

  • The user view is full of sub_ABCDEFqrstuvwx0123 strings. That scares people.

  • There is a “discounted” column if there is no discount. That makes people dissatisfied with the price for the product. If there is no discount or if there are no coupons at all, the column should be removed.

  • It is not clear that the “edit” button takes you to a card update. Maybe a credit card icon is better?

  • And instead of the trash can a “stop” icon?


  • On the update card screen it would maybe be better to show the product name / plan instead of the long ID ?
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Yes. I’ve done this on my dashboard plugin. Linking to the Stripe page for the subscription is very handy. Adding it for the user send like a good idea too. I don’t know if it can also be useful to the end user, as I don’t only what useful pages there are for end users there.

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An additional suggestion for the user Billing tab: wouldn’t it be cool to list all the subscriptions there that a user can get? Like /s but then on the Billing page.

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