Subscriptions: Suggestions for Interface Improvements

Thank you for releasing the re-purchase option, it works brilliantly.

I wonder if I can provide some feedback which might be considered for future releases? All presentation related, not functionality driven;

  1. On the /s page for a user who has already donated, could the ✓Purchased and Go to Billing options be collapsed into a single View previous purchases link which only displays in the event the user has made a purchase. This could be to the right of the Subscribe button (or Support the site in my example below) so as not to distract the user from pressing the button again.

  1. On the payment page, is it possible to drop the visible decimal places if the amounts are whole numbers and have an option to remove the currency ISO code (eg. GBP). In addition, is it possible to sort by ascending subscription amount, rather than the time the plan was created (eg. in this example £GBP1.00 appears AFTER £GBP 3.00 because it was created first). Ideally in the ‘after’ screenshot this would be displayed first because it is the lower amount.

Thank you once again.


I can have a look next time I’m digging into the plugin. Thanks for the feedback!


Awesome, thank you so much.


Two PRs up for these:


Looks brilliant to me! Thank you so much.