Suggested improvements to version/edit/revision history

I went down a rabbit hole when trying to revert a post to an earlier version on a site where I am not a moderator or admin. I noticed that I am not able to easily revert to an earlier revision using the UI. I think it should be possible to allow this for users who are not staff.

The second, related issue is that there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to see and copy the raw post for a revision in order to paste it into the composer to revert to the earlier version. I can see it side-by-side with the next revision, but if I select text, it highlights text from both columns. If it were possible to see the raw post for the revision, then my immediate problem would be solved and I wouldn’t have to ask for help.

There is another feature request that I remember making years ago, which is to allow comparison of any revision to the latest revision. That would be the most useful view of all, but it doesn’t exist. You can only compare a revision with the immediate earlier or later revision which is not so useful.


I experienced it a few minutes ago in the raw tab. I was able to select the text of the right column until I reached ins or del contents, then it started to select the content of the left column as well.


Cool. Thanks for the repro. At the very least, a copy-to-clipboard button for each revision shown would be helpful.

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