Suggested topics list is "old" when visiting as guest?


I have recently noticed that the suggested topic list at the end of a topic behaves quite differently depending on if the user is logged in or visiting as guest:

1. Suggested topics when logged in shows a set of topics not older than 5 days

2. Suggested topics when visiting the exact same topic as guest, shows mostly old topics

As site admin you can set how old topics can be for being included in the suggested topic list, but as it seems, that setting is only honored for logged in users?

Suggested tried to fill topics of the same category first. It doesn’t show topics from the #meta category for you because you read those already.

Since anons don’t have read state, we can fill their suggested topics sign only same category topics.

The fact that they are old is just a reflection of three fact we have very few topics on that specific category here.


These are screenshots of very different things. Your first screenshot shows a ton of unread topics for the logged in user… either dismiss those unread topics or read the topics, then render another screenshot.

Incorrect, it is honored in all cases. We can’t magically sythesize a list of unread topics for someone who doesn’t even hold an account.


I stand corrected - Perhaps I had a caching issue or was just plain blind, but I was having issues with seeing older posts as a guest on my site after having changed “suggested topics max days old” from default 365 to 10, hence my “report”. There was never a perceived issue when logged in, but that is probably thanks to the read-state log.

Revisiting the issue a couple of days later, I now see all seems to work as it should even as guest.