Suggesting a change in view bar under post

The view bar under a post becomes visible after someone comments. I found this to be a hassle because every time the user has to go back to the “Latest” section to see the number of views. For mobile device users, it’s an even bigger hassle because in mobile view you don’t have a view column in “Latest” section, so users have to wait until someone comments on the post to know the views. Alternatively, they can switch to desktop view on their mobile device to see the views and then switch back to mobile view.

Just to be sure… and here ”the user” is actually you, am I right? Because quite few ordinary users are actually interested in view count, I reckon.

I mean if and when it is you then there is quite easy solution. Easier than showing such metric to every user in context where it is not so important for discussion.

It could just be me! In terms of human psychology, this should be a very important metric one would want to see if they have been heard or not. Hence the reason why some platforms have views count for everything. This gives users an assurance. I didn’t know, if this wasn’t something a person find important.