Why no view count on mobile

Hi friends After adding a topic to the site from mobile, I can’t see how many people have read the opened topic, When I am on mobile, I check show the site as desktop from chrome, but there is no feature how many people have seen a subject like on the computer, you can understand if you look at the pictures, thanks.

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If the topic has any replies then the number of views is also displayed within the topic itself:



You can override the template and add this information, as @steven shows here in his component that changes the mobile view. The component itself doesn’t add the view count, but he explains how to add the count in the template:

More info about overriding template: https://meta.discourse.org/t/beginners-guide-to-developing-discourse-themes/93648#overriding-discourse-templates-23

You can also have a look at this: Display replies and likes count in mobile view

I found the links using the search by the way :slight_smile:


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