Suggestions related to tagging (download, "improved" upload)


I’ve been paying around with tags for two weeks now and I would like to make some suggestions. I’m not sure if I must split them or not.

  1. There is an option to upload tags / tag groups from CSV. Can it be expanded with the other relevant fields for tag groups “parent tag”, “limit to one tag” and "visibility? I have no experience with the “visibility” but I did miss the first two options at occasion.
  2. A download option. When modify the tags on the website, there is a risk that there will be a mismatch between the web site and the CSV files that were uploaded. The download option woul;d allow me to have the tags in sync.

Note that (to my knowledge) I do not have access to the backend, else I could probably run a query.

Thanks for reading

not sure if this helps, but if you have access to admin you can use the data explorer plug-in to run some SQL queries.

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Thanks @Lilly

I can probably use that to download the existing tags; will look at it. The DB behind this is postgress if not mistaken? So it might require a bit of study with rusty knowledge of MySQL and MSSQL :wink:

Based on the name I have some doubts that it can be used to upload tags :slight_smile:


One part solved; it would still be nice to have it as a functionality.

For those that need a query to extract tags with tag groups in the format that is also used for the upload of tags / tag groups, the below query will do that

SELECT as tag, as "tag group"
from tag_groups as tg
left join tag_group_memberships as tgm on = tgm.tag_group_id
left join tags as t on tgm.tag_id =
where = 'boards-and-microcontrollers'
order by asc, asc

Next you can save to csv (or json) after running the query.

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