SunOS installation?

hey guys
I wanna create a nice little website + community board just like “
I have the PowerWeb Basic bundle from strato that means: domains, webspace and email accounts
at first I used the install-cloud documentation to get discourse on the server
but then I realised that the server is running SunOS
is it possible to install discourse on SunOS?

I also have a v-server from strato with ubuntu 14.04
can I install discourse on the ubuntu-server with the domain and emails from the SunOS server?
the install documention confuses me :s
would be really nice if you could help me

I wouldn’t bother trying to wedge Discourse onto a SunOS/Solaris box; it’ll almost certainly end badly. You can definitely run Discourse (via Docker) on the Ubuntu 14.04 VPS and relay mail through the Solaris box, though.