Support for 'Adblock Browser'

Sorry, I’m really not a techie - just the only one in our forum using my browser so I have to go down the solution finding path on my own:

Since the last update I cannot connect via mobile anymore as I am using the Free Adblock Browser and having the same issue as shown here before on the screenshot. “Browser is too old…” - but it’s the newest version.

Does Adblock identify itself as something else than a normal browser, like messing up user agent? If so that is really bad idea (worse than blocking ads :wink: )

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No, it’s just a browser.

Adblock browser on android might be using a very old version of chrome as it’s base. That’s why discourse thinks it’s an old browser. You should contact adblock browser developers to rebase their browser to a recent version of chrome.


That sounds like an issue with Adblock itself. Try contacting them VIA social media so they can push an update to fix the issue:

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