Support for ImgBB image upload service

Hello there provides support for websites to upload their images on their servers :

Upload plugin — ImgBB

I found this feature pretty interesting since it would allow site owners to save a lot of disk space.

Unfortunately this won’t implement properly into discourse, first because no icon appears in the text area toolbar for the “Upload images” button
(see the little greyed area at the middle)

Second, this will just implement the image as a small link, in a different way than the default image upload feature built in Discourse.

Could this be implemented as a plugin ?

This can be implemented as a plugin. If you have a budget, try posting in #marketplace

A theme component should suffice for the upload component, but by default Discourse will download remote images to ensure they aren’t deleted.

Make sure to add imgbb to disabled image download domains after checking their policy about when images are deleted if you implement this upload widget.


I had a different idea when I said plugin.

Upload to Composer > file is saved to imgBB > Embedded into discourse like discourse already implements image uploads to S3.

I guess that was an overkill idea :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would instead try using backblaze b2 for an S3 bucket. The first 10gb is free.

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I guess they only allow 1GB transfer out per day for free.

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Darn. Still a great deal for backups.

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Yes that’s what I meant

Other answers were helpful as well tho

I don’t have much of a budget but I believe this would be useful for everyone.

I could put like ten dollars into it, else.