Support for magnet links

Is there an easy way to present a magnet link to a torrent in a way that renders as a clickable link for users?

Adding magnet to the allowed href schemes site setting should work, did you try that?


Tried - it renders a blue link, but is not clickable and shows no link preview.

I logged out and back in after adding magnet to the allowed schemes, but did not restart anything. Is that necessary?

The extraHrefMatchers mechanism in pretty-text.js.es6 doesn’t seem to permit query strings or schemes without a ://

In the meantime, you can paste the links in a code block for people to copy, e.g.:


Let’s perhaps revisit this after IE is dropped.


Easiest thing to do here would be to use

It may need a small contribution to support this


Preach, brother! That day cannot come soon enough! :pray:

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Yep, it has a slight problem, seems to stop link detection at the %.