Support for tag aliases?

I was surprised that discourse 1.8.7 apparently has no support for tag aliases (akin to stackexchange). I first though that I could achieve something similar with tag groups, but that is not the case. I would really like a way to define a set of aliases for a given tag.

Tags seem to be a second class citizen currently, e.g. there is no ‘Tag’ in the top menu (Unread, Top, Categories). I wonder why? Tags are an excellent addition besides categories to get order into a forum. But only if tag aliases are supported.


It’s a valid feature request, it just hasn’t been requested much. Tags are not as important in Discourse as they are in SO because we have categories. The majority of forum communities don’t need tags.

Tag aliases would be nice, but it’s probably not gonna happen unless someone from the community develops it or one of our customers require it.


For what is worth, tags aliases would be useful for multilingual communities, where you could define a tag in the default language and then create translations as aliases to the main tag.


It appears that support for tag aliases is being worked on and is currently scheduled for the 2.4 release: