Tag alias in "Upload tag" csv


I just started using tags more extensively. We have a ‘Translations’ category on our forum, and I created a tag for each language, plus a tag group ‘Languages’ so that only one language can be selected per thread.

I now would like to add the native names of all languages, such that people may find the relevant language more easily. However, I want to avoid that we end up with different lists, so I want to make each native language tag an alias for the English name (e.g. ‘Nederlands’ → ‘Dutch’).

I can already bulk upload tags, put them in the right group. However, I would still have to manually mark them as alias, which is a lot of work. Therefore I would like to request the option to identify in my CSV the tag for which the new one should be an alias. (Of course it should remain possible not to indicate any alias.)

For example:


Many thanks for all your work on Discourse!