Support Wikipedia anchors in onebox

(Sam Saffron) #1

It would be nice if HTTP cookie - Wikipedia oneboxed the correct section, instead of the top section.

Use Wikipedia Onebox for other MediaWiki sites
(lid) #2

for fun and giggles
jsFiddle Experiment | Getting wikipedia section content with ajax

utilizing the Wikipedia API ( API:Main page - MediaWiki ).

To retrieve the section content with this approach I had to make 2 requests

  1. get a list of all the sections of an article to identify its numeric id (needed for the 2nd request)
  2. request of a particular section content based on the id.

The bad
The solution return the entire section and not just the first paragraphs as onebox appears to do.
I was thinking that using the wiki api might make the process more efficient at least, but it is not
additional processing is required to fix relative a tags

  • it also return some nonsense [edit] text

my conclusion is that is probably better to just go with the current approach and use Nokogiri for section parsing :smile:

(lid) #3

Feature the related anchor in github URLs with only one line?
(Sam Saffron) #4

WAT awesome you got your dev environment going!

(lid) #5

Technically my Dev environment is working but it is limping due to virtualbox issues.
Hopefully the next virtualbox release will magically fix the bug I experience.

But luckily the onebox can be worked as a standalone, wasn’t too much trouble to get it working on windows.

(lid) #6

This is working now :smile:

(Sam Saffron) #7