Wikipedia oneboxing with url encoded section hash

I haven’t categorized the topic as bug because it might be by design, not sure…
so this works

this doesn’t

Weirdly the span ids are La_th.C3.A9ologie_selon_Aristote and La_théologie_selon_Aristote :thinking: so I think there is something here: discourse/wikipedia_onebox.rb at 2f28ba318c3f650b1a0a76530021bc21bc8ab6f6 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

I sure hope so! :grin:

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Both of your oneboxes work just fine for me in Android :thinking:

The links work yes, but for the second one the excerpt should be:

La poésie et les origines de la pensée… etc

ps. you had me :crazy_face: for a second here!

Oh you want the onebox summary to reflect the sub-section? That is controlled by

That is not matching

  <span id="La_th.C3.A9ologie_selon_Aristote"></span>
  <span id="La_théologie_selon_Aristote">La théologie selon Aristote</span>

The code is over 7 years old, so it’s very possible that the Wikipedia markup changed in the meanwhile. It’s a #pr-welcome if someone wants to work on this.


I’ve sent a possible fix at Fix/wikipedia oneboxing with url encoded hash by jbalsas · Pull Request #14015 · discourse/discourse · GitHub</titl.

I think unescaping the m_url_hash_name should be enough to cover all cases.

Hope this is the right process to contribute! :crossed_fingers: