Suppress category from latest topics gone

Thank you so much for this plugin, it does restore ‘suppress from latest’, but unfortunately it also causes tag filtering to stop working as it did before.

When this setting is enabled, selecting a tag under a topic no longer returns topics from categories that have ‘suppress from latest’ enabled. As soon as this setting is disabled, tag filtering works as expected.

I hope this is something that can be easily fixed, I really appreciate your efforts on this one, and thanks again.


I will take a look at that in the course of this week, shouldn’t be too hard to fix.


I pushed a fix, the plugin does not suppress categories in tag filters anymore.


@RGJ hi,
Is it supposed to this plugin hide also messages from suppressed category from New page?


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No, it’s not supposed to do that. I have pushed another fix.


Thanks! Works like a charm!

Happy New Year for all you guys! :christmas_tree:


Does anyone know how I can reverse things so that none of our foreign language categories are muted for any users? Those categories need to appear on /categories for everyone. At the moment, there are probably 25,000+ users who can’t discover content that should be visible to them.

If u is a user, I see u.muted_user_ids but I’m not sure where the muted categories live.

users.each do |u|
  # Here, I would find if any of that user's muted categories match a
  # foreign language category and delete them from the list for that
  # user.

Also, is it safe for me to find that field and adjust the raw value via a script in irb like that?

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This is a fairly straightforward thing to do. The changes you need to make are to the category_users table. I outlined how to unmute a category for all users in this post: Trading buttons: Buy, Sell, Exchange and added some more details in another post in that topic.


Thanks, I’ll try that.

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Simplest is just to change the site setting, it will prompt you to unmute for existing users if you wish.


Thanks, that worked. :slight_smile:

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We are having this issue on our website. We already had 3 categories suppressed from latest and now we need to add one more.

We would be willing to use the default categories muted instead. However, we would like to disable the old feature from the 3 existing categories so that the entire site behave the same way.

We are self hosting our discourse instance and have access to the database. Could you provide the information as to where the flag suppress from latest of the three previous categories is in the DB?

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AFAIK When the feature was removed the categories became muted by default.

The flag didn’t continue to exist or function once the option went from the UI.


Our list is empty. Is there any other place where they could have been muted?


I’m so glad I finally found this topic. I was losing my mind trying to figure out how to get the noise from my private categories for staged topics from crowding up the /latest list.

Is the plugin from @RGJ going to be the de-facto solution or is the Discourse team still working on something?

(And of course I also go on the record with a +1 to restore the functionality in order to “hide” noisy content that was essentially split out into other views, such as KB articles using the various plugins for that, blog comment topics generated by the JavaScript stuff from other sites, and of course staging timed topics for future publication.)


Hello everyone. First post here.

I also have a use-case scenario for the suppressing tool.

I quit on Disqus and started using Discourse for the commenting system on my website, which has nearly 1,000 articles in it already. Since I did that, we started having the “latest” feed flooded with the comments threads for the comments of stuff that goes all the way back to 2016.

I don’t want that section to be completely muted in the sense that I want it to be listed on the categories list and I can live with the latest comments (meaning the latest comments on the latest articles) not being added to the “latest” feed.

But it’s not OK to keep that list flooded with old content.

Muting the category prevents people from seeing it in the list. Not doing it, floods the feed with stuff that’s not really that relevant anymore.


Yes, this is a work assigned to one of our engineers and no, currently we cannot provide you with an ETA :smiley:


I’m creating a plugin with a site setting (similar to default_categories_watching) instead of a category setting.


Here is the initial version of the plugin.


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